Regulatory Coordinator/Editor

At Toolhouse, we create digital experiences for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands, in the form of websites, emails, videos, social media conversations and more. What we say and how we say it is integral to the success of our projects and our clients. We’d like you to join our team to support our medical-legal-regulatory submission and review process, and ensure we continue to produce the highest quality deliverables for our clients.

We’re looking for just the right person that can excel at both big-picture thinking and day-to-day tasks. You will be expected to create new ways of doing things to optimize our current processes, while also getting down in the weeds of a project to ensure we’re delivering 110% on even the smallest details. Our clients look to us to produce exceptional work in short timeframes, and this position is integral to making that happen.

Here’s what you’ll be doing in your first year:

Have you done this before?

Do you have experience managing document quality and workflow in high-volume and regulated environments like healthcare? Do you have several years of experience editing and proofing medical and/or academic content? (You should have strong knowledge of AMA Manual of Style.) Have you created and optimized processes around complex but routine tasks involving multiple people?

If you want to talk…

If you’d like this job to be your next career challenge, send us your resume along with a half-to-full page write-up describing your most relevant accomplishments and how they relate to your ability to do this job. Extensive experience as a proofreader and ability to excel at creating new processes while also executing many of the tasks within the process will be some of the primary factors we consider, so make sure that shines through. If we think there could be match, we’ll get back to you to let you know about next steps.

The where and when

You will need to work in our Bellingham office. (Sorry, remote employment will not be considered for this position.) This is a full-time position that we would like to start as quickly as possible. No contractors. Please do not apply if you cannot work full-time and on-site as described above. We’ll provide all of the resources you need to bring out the best in your skills and talents.